“You eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re dry. If old age doesn’t kill ya, you’ll live till you die.”

chefmyronWe have over 30 years of experience BBQing, but the roots of Swamp Yankee BBQ go back much further. Our pitmaster Myron Spaulding hails from Rhode Island and the Swamp Yankee spirit embodies his approach to Barbecue. Years of passion, rugged independence and unwavering attention to detail have yielded Myron’s award winning style.

Myron has been a competitor on the National BBQ circuit, competing up and down the east coast as well as the north-west. His use of fruit woods and special rub makes his BBQ like no other and gives him success in the competition realm.

Swamp Yankee BBQ has taken many forms over the years. In addition to catering events, we’ve custom built a one-of-a-kind mobile BBQ kitchen which enables us to serve at various public events. Our latest endeavor is our restaurant located in Jonesboro, Maine where we serve up our award winning BBQ year round.