Swamp Yankee BBQ caters throughout all of New England. We pride ourselves on serving exceptional food, ensuring a unique and fun event for your guests no matter what the season. Indoors or outdoors, Pig Roasts and BBQ’s are the perfect crowd pleasers anytime of the year. Call us today, and let us make your next event a truly memorable experience!

Pig Roasts

A Pig Roast (or pig pickin’ as it was originally called) is a classic example of Pit BBQ, a cooking process made famous in the American South, particularly in the Carolinas. It is the ultimate communal cooking event! Different than grilling or smoking (we do those too!), our Pit BBQ is a very low heat process that takes hours (usually all night) to cook a whole hog.

When the cooking is done, the results are unlike anything else you have ever tasted! The meat literally falls off the bone and is incredibly moist and tender with a “smokey goodness” that can only be delivered by the perfect combination of all natural charcoal and native hard woods. The meat is then either chopped into traditional Carolina-style pork barbecue or, in some cases, is picked off the hog itself by the guests, which gives the gathering its original name.

Our Process

Our BBQ is cooked the traditional southern style way. We place our quality fresh meats in custom built closed BBQ pits with our distinctive blend of native hardwood logs and cook them at low temperatures. We never take the shortcut of serving boiled or baked meat that is only warmed on a grill.

Our whole hog Pig Roasts cook for up to 20 hours, and our beef brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, chicken and turkey Mixed Grill BBQs cook for up to 10 hours. Once you’ve tasted our meat cooked long and slow and experienced the fall-off-the-bone tenderness with that distinctive smoky flavor, you will understand why Swamp Yankee BBQ is your best choice for BBQ anywhere in the New England states.

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